Json Micro Blog

Json Micro Blog is something we've seen a thousand times. My approach includes a sleak theme that is clean and light weight. Jquery is used for the ajax call to Firebase or a flat json file. See the example here.

Minimal Text

A clean and lightweight Jekyll Theme. You can get the code and see the example here.

Web Lense

Getting persistent images of a website is difficult and often expensive. Why not host your own open-source solution? Introducing Web Lense, a fast, easy to use and free web-screenshot API.

How To:

✨ Remix on Glitch 🍬




git clone https://github.com/clarkhacks/WebLense.git
cd WebLense
npm install && npm start

PhantomJS, which is used for generating the screenshots, is installed automagically, but in some rare cases it might fail to and you’ll get an Error: spawn EACCES error. Download PhantomJS manually if this occurs.

Then navigate to your Glitch Project Url or http://localhost:3000/


Use Lense endpoint for API calls.

GET Required Function
url Yes URL To Capture
width No End Width
height No End Height
delay No Delay Screenshot
json No Return Json





$.get('https://projectid.glitch.me/lense', { url: 'https://clarkhacks.com' }, function(data) {

Out Of Space?

Glitch Projects are aloud 128mb of space. The WebLense app takes up ~40mb with captured images taking up the rest.


  • Clear sites Folder
  • Host WebLense somewhere else.

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Imagine a private feed of images, notes, and recordings from your life. Things people may have never seen. These could all be lost when you pass. What if there was an app for that? Confirm you’re alive at predetermined intervals and nothing gets sent out. Don’t check in? Skip. Second time with no check in? Your method of distribution will be used to send out your feed. Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text. Whatever it be, your freinds and family will see life through your eyes. Memories they have no idea exist, silly photos, random notes, and more.
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