RFID Impants!?

The Mark of The Beast

Since the 1990s we have been implanting our beloved pets with RFID tags (microchips). The tag, roughly the size of a grain of rice, contains a unique code. This code is stored in a database as well and has the animal’s information. This way fluffy can get back home safely. In humans, it’s a different case, though!


Personal Website

Having your own website is an amazing asset to your life. You can use it as a central reference point. We all have a skill so why not publish it? Studies show the 50% of small businesses still do not have a website! It’s almost 2017! There are hundreds of amazing platforms to self build your website. But if that isn’t for you keep reading.


Jekyll Share Modal

A Jekyll powered blog needs a great way to share posts! This Bootstrap powered Modal makes it super easy! With just one line of code, you can have the default modal.


Web Development

A web developer’s personal experience and some tips and tricks!


Social Rounds Plugin

Share Rounds is the social plugin for easy sharing! This is a totally free, CDN supported product. It is held under a GNU license. Feel free to use it on any project you want!

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