Web Development

7th of December, 2016

A web developer’s personal experience and some tips and tricks!

Why Start?

I started web development for the fun of it. I was about 7-10 when it started and progressed into a hobby. That young I didn’t understand anything other than the basics of HTML. This new skill was amazing to me! It opened up a whole new world, little did I know, this world is now my life.

Getting Off to a Good Start

To get off on a good start isn’t near as easy, but not as difficult as it sounds. Yes, both at once. You have to get noticed! Some tips to get noticed are:

These are the tips I followed and they seem to work greatly. I still follow these tips daily on anything I work on.


It is incredibly important to have a portfolio build, you can see mine here.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is just a collection of work you have done or had a hand in.

What exactly goes in a portfolio?

A portfolio can contain a number of things. Mine happens to contain live examples (CodePen), images, snippets, and project links.

  • Images
  • Live Examples
  • Project Links
  • Code Snippets
  • Reviews
  • Scripts
  • File Links

How do I make one?

As a web developer I HIGHLY recommend building one online, from scratch. This is important because it will be what many clients see first. Make sure it looks good, flows, and has all the information in a pleasing set up. You do not want to crowd you potential clients with information though, keep it all organized and simple.

Free Work

Yes, I am serious. Do some free or cheap work for family and friends. You don’t have to go all out this is just something you can you’ve done. You need experience anyway so ask around. Ask neighbors, friends, colleges, family and anyone else you can think of. It is important to get experience in and the reviews you receive from said experience. These reviews you can put in your portfolio. You also show the not-so-good ones so clients know you have grown and matured in your work since then.

Get your name out there! This is Very important. Advertise anyway you possibly can.

  • Self Advertise
  • Business Cards
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Dribbble
  • Codepen

There is no bad publicity. Even if your work is getting slammed your name is still out there. People will remember this name and see that what they heard was slander! Your work is great! We all know this. Hang up fliers around town if you have too. Just get your name out there quickly.


Starting a blog is the best thing I did for my career. People are interested in the world around them naturally so why not write about your thoughts for others! There are people out there looking for reviews and they want your opinion. Just something as simple as a blog of all your projects. You could comment on a project and BAM you have a blog article.

Appearance of the blog is important! You’re a web developer code you own blog and make it snazzy. You’re in full control of your blog.

For hosting I highly recommend Github Pages. You have full control over the source code and it is TOTALLY FREE! The only thing you pay for is a custom domain (if you want) and a private repository

Private Repository?

A private repo is just blocked from the GitHub community. They can still see the product hosted there but the naked source files are protected and hidden. I do not recommend this for a personal blog. You want people to see your work and how good you are at it so keep those files open source!

This is a form of advertising. Get as many people as you can to have a link to your website on there’s. Provide links on your website even for them to make it fair. Every website that provides a backlink for you in a potential way of getting discovered! One backlink? 200 more views. Two? 600 more views. This will just keep going and going too.