What is Virtual Reality?

5th of November, 2016

Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality Anyway?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a form of “The Real World” on a screen. It can be defined by a simple game or a full fledge 3D simulated world. There is a difference between VR and AR (Augmented Reality). Let’s look at the similarities and the differences.

Feature VR AR
Digital Graphical User Interface
Low Budget
Real World Visible
Hand Controls
Interact With Consoles
Requires Phone (Generally)
Recommended Age
Recommended Use

So which one?

Well personally I think there isn’t a practical use for this technology yet. The only uses I see fit are those that are in a professional environment. However if you have been looking at one for gaming VR is what you want. AR does much for an existing game library, while VR has lots.

Why VR?

With the amazing app driven VR headset that exist make it great for simple “games” and for a 3D video experience. One such app driven headset that is cheap is Google’s headset, Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard

More on Google Cardboard

You can buy this amazing product on the Google Store for the low price of $15 USD. The best part is the free shipping! If you’re looking for a deal check out their 2-pack for $25!

Google Cardboard

What exactly is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is a headset that you assembly (Fold) from cardboard they send you. For full details on assembly check out YouTube. When the headset is full assembled you place your phone into the compartment running a VR app and you’re in!

What if I don’t want Google Cardboard?

Good News! there are HUNDREDS of other options. You can check them out here!

Product $$$
Day Dream View $79.90
VR One + $129.99
Google Glasss Exp $1,395.99
HTC Vive $799.00
Oculus Rift $865.89

There are so many to choose from so look into what you want. After all it is Your World.