RFID Impants!?

31st of December, 2016

The Mark of The Beast

Since the 1990s we have been implanting our beloved pets with RFID tags (microchips). The tag, roughly the size of a grain of rice, contains a unique code. This code is stored in a database as well and has the animal’s information. This way fluffy can get back home safely. In humans, it’s a different case, though!

Cat with a microchip


What is RFID?

A Radio Frequency Identification Tag can come in many forms. Stores use them as stickers to stop thieves, businesses use them as key cards to get into a building, newer cars are using RFID key fobs. This list can go on and on.

RFID tags work on a very simple principle. Radio waves are shot at them, thus providing energy. The integrated circuit (IC) inside the chip is powered and releases its data. The data is generally a short code.


As stated above this is commonly used in animals to return them home safely, for store security, and much more. It is used because it is practical, cheap, and easy to maintain.

Human Use is a little different. I have will soon purchase a chip reader that is Arduino compatible. This means I can now use it for anything my heart desires!


I have many future plans for this amazing technology. As soon as time allows I will begin working on:

  • Door Locks
  • Garage Opener
  • Light Switches
  • Power Strips
  • Linking to Medical Records
  • Syncing with PayPal and other RFID-enabled apps
  • Etc

There are so many ideas I have floating around my head. I cannot wait to try them all out! I am most excited for the door locks. The idea of using my hand to enter a building is beautiful to me. Truly futuristic.

Procedure & Aftercare

The procedure was quite simple, a little poke (okay a big poke) and some blood. The needle was inserted under my skin roughly 20mm, the plunger was then pushed as the needle was retracted. It felt incredibly foreign and sensible. Of course, everything was sterile.


The aftercare is pretty simple as well. Keep it clean like you would any scab and don’t mess with it! You can’t move the microchip around at this time so be careful. As far as pain my wasn’t too tender but everyone will be different. I did experience some temporary numbness and this was a bit scary. Do not be worried over temporary numbness but if it persists seek medical attention.


There is already a beautifully written page over at Dangerous Things. Read The FAQs!