What is Github?

20th of October, 2016

What is Github?

Github is a web-based Git repository hosting service. It offers all of the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features.

~ Wikipedia

What’s “git”

To understand Github you must first understand git. Git is a version control system used for development. Every git repository has detailed history files and version tracking information. So let’s say you have a software you’re working on. You need some help so you have your buddy work on it with you. Your friend can access the repository and edit a section of code while you edit another section. When you both commit your code the product will merge into one whole again. Git is great for teams.

Github and Git

Github is an online service that runs a git server. On this server all your repositories can be hosted. Github offers more tools than just git, things such as:

  • Issue Tracking
  • Release Points
  • Built In Wikis

Github runs git but also advances upon it. For those of you that are not into terminal based application there is great news! Github offers a beautifully designed application just for you! In this application you can manage branches, create pull requests, view what was changed, and so much more. To keep it simple you can just up date your repository on your machine and then click on “Commit” then “Sync”.


Github Pages

Github Pages is an amazing feature offered by, obviously, Github. With github pages you can have your very website (you’re on mine)! You code and build it all and they just do the hosting. Github hosting is lighting fast and you can always see server info at this website: https://status.github.com/ .

Jekyll, if you’re using github I’m sure you’ll hear this term used when it comes to web development and design. As an example: Bootstrap (The most popular web framework) uses Jekyll to build their website. Jekyll does what Dr. Jekyll did kind of It takes stuff and turns into something else. It takes section of code, variables, layouts and more and compiles them into one page / website. If you want the <head> of your website to be the same for every page you would create a file titled “head.html” in Repository/_includes/. Now where the head of your document should be for every page just add {% include head.html %}.

    {% include head.html %}
    <p> My Paragraph </p>

This is just the very basics. For more on Jekyll check out their website https://jekyllrb.com/ .

My Take on Github!

I love Github and use it almost everyday. I use it to host my website, projects I’m working on, and for so much more. I love the Gh-Pages and Wiki feature. My biggest care for github is that they have Jekyll running on their servers. This means I can produce websites quickly and have them build on their servers, which makes for easy development. I use the atom editor provided by Github too. I love the editor and wow is it just perfect for what I do. The packages offered are amazing and the community is ever-growing. Github is an amazing thing and I love it!