Firebase Experience

16th of October, 2016

Google’s Firebase

I have recently started using Google’s Firebase and wow do I love it! It makes it so easy to have a database for stuff like a todo-list, Live Word Document, and even a chatroom! Over the past few days I’ve played around with all these. For what it can offer it is an amazing product and I cannot wait to see the future of it!

Todo List With Firebase.

Fire Base Todo List

Make Your Own!



Check it out here!

Fire Chat


With this amazing Github Tutorial you can create your very own Fire Chat! An elegantly designed chatroom centered around Google’s Firebase.

So What is Firebase Exactly?

The basics of the video are:

  • This is not just a database, it has:
    • Data Base use
    • Authorization Ease of Access (What?)
    • File Storage
    • Hosting
    • Notifications (Analytics)
    • Ad Control, and so much more!
  • Uses simple (but beautiful) user interface
  • Easy integration
  • Cross Platform Use

There is so much more!

Personal Take

My person take on Firebase is that it is simply amazing! I can integrate a database into a static website. It works wonderfully on Github’s gh-pages. One of my favorite parts is the “live database” feature. If I set up a <p> to display data from a table, it displays it live. If I go in and edit “Cupcakes: 1” to “Cupcakes: 2”, it updates right away (Without Refresh)! Combining Firebase and Jekyll has been a huge time saver for me and I recommend you do the same if you have a static site.