Personal Website

10th of December, 2016

Having your own website is an amazing asset to your life. You can use it as a central reference point. We all have a skill so why not publish it? Studies show the 50% of small businesses still do not have a website! It’s almost 2017! There are hundreds of amazing platforms to self build your website. But if that isn’t for you keep reading.

Website Developer

This is what you need. It just so happens I am one of these (hint hint)! Why would you use a web developer? The best benefit from this is you are still in control! So what are the other reasons?

  • Full Source Code Access
  • Complete Customization
  • Your Property
  • Can Host Anywhere
  • Can be Static or Dynamic
  • More Control

There is a lot more to it though! This isn’t for everyone though, but I recommend it to almost everyone. Web developers can be pricey though $$$. It all depends on what you want though.

Why Use Me?

This is the important question. Why should you use me, Clark (Hacks) Weckmann, to develop your website. Well that is simple. I am a small town far raised boy turned tech lover. I am slowly getting my name out there so I don’t mind working for small amounts or even no money! So if I’m willing to work for little to nothing what’s the catch? There really isn’t one honestly. No matter what I get experience and get to further my knowledge on how to handle clients. I will not slack on the design because of a lack of funding either. I truly love what I do and want every website I make to be beautiful.

I do not use a website generator such as Shutterfly or SquareSpace. I fully develop the website by myself to your guide. I am still a novice so I cannot do everything but I will try my best!

Thank you for reading this article.