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LowDB Blog is a LowDB (ya don’t say?) and jQuery powered blog with a full private and public API. This repository is updated frequently.

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I Stole Your Gmail Password

Okay okay, I didn’t, but someone else could. This article is designed to show how easy phishing is. I built a simple form on Glitch to collect a classmates password. We will call her P. P bet me I would not be able to crack her password.



There is a cascade of URL-To-Image APIs out there. Most of them are pricey, overly-complicated, non-opensource and you don’t have control of the image files. WebLense takes care of this. WebLense is a self-hosted Url-To-Image API.


Node Gmail API

We will be building a simple Gmail API for easy notification use. Please note this is not the most secure method.


Github Pages

Using Github Pages

For those of you that do not know what Github Pages stick around!

Github Pages is a hosting platform powered by Github. This means that you can not only use Github for software projects but also your own personal website and project websites! Yes, each Github-hosted project can have its own website. An important note is that Github Page servers are static (meaning no dynamic content). This and much more will be covered in the post.