Steal Your Consenting Friend's Gmail Password

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Here's a complete setup for phishing your consenting friend's password!

Do you have a consenting friend who you just happen to need their password? Look no more, here is a complete set up.

How did I do it?

If you just want the code hop over to Glitch. Please note this code is for educational purposes only.

I started off with building the form. The form is designed to look identical to a google login form.

login form

Set the query parameter email equal to a users email. For example:

Some Javascript handles the post request to the Node server.

Navigate to to see the collected passwords.

Why do people fall for this? Most of us see the Google logo and feel safe. A domain like… at a glace looks official. Naturally, we want to login to access our data.

Whatever you do with this, I hold no liability.

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