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A place for off-topic blog entries.


Glitch Projects

Let’s talk about Glitch! Glitch is a place to develop your NodeJs projects with community support and abundant inspiration.

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LowDB Blog

LowDB Blog is a LowDB (ya don’t say?) and jQuery powered blog with a full private and public API. This repository is updated frequently.

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Steal Your Consenting Friend's Gmail Password

Do you have a consenting friend who you just happen to need their password? Look no more, here is a complete set up.

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There is a cascade of URL-To-Image APIs out there. Most of them are pricey, overly-complicated, non-opensource and you don’t have control of the image files. WebLense takes care of this. WebLense is a self-hosted Url-To-Image API.

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Jekyll Short Url

Jekyll Short Url uses Goo.gl as a backend and a small Script on your 404 page.

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I am a web developer, software engineer, and project manager currently living in Collinsville, Illinois. I'm a little weird but pretty friendly.

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