About Me

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I am a web developer, software engineer, and project manager currently living in Collinsville, Illinois. My interests range from programming to web development. I am also interested in design, photography, and arts.

I spend most of my time at my desk working on a project. Most of my projects are for personal gain, but you can check them out throughout my website! Feel free to checkout my github for the source code!

If I’m not at my desk, I’m outside. I love to hike, camp, fish and just explore. My turtle, Sheldon, goes almost everywhere with me.

I specialize in small business websites and Node.Js applications.

Recent Projects

As Of December 25th, 2017

LowDB Blog

LowDB Blog is a LowDB (ya don’t say?) and jQuery powered blog with a full private and public API. This repository is updated frequently.

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I Stole Your Gmail Password

Okay okay, I didn’t, but someone else could. This article is designed to show how easy phishing is. I built a simple form on Glitch to collect a classmates password. We will call her P. P bet me I would not be able to crack her password.



There is a cascade of URL-To-Image APIs out there. Most of them are pricey, overly-complicated, non-opensource and you don’t have control of the image files. WebLense takes care of this. WebLense is a self-hosted Url-To-Image API.